What's Bakery Finance?

Bakery Finance DAO, is a delicious decentralized non-custodial liquidity baker
where users can participate as depositors or borrowers.

USD Stablecoin

We use the DUSD stablecoin
for lending and borrowing which
is backed 1:1 by fiat USD held in a treasury account.

1:1 Loan

Thanks to DUSD we offer a 1:1
loan. You can borrow the same
amount you've lent.
You will also be able to borrow more than
deposited with an exclusive undercollateralized loan for retail customers.


We keep our contracts simple,
basic, transparent and secure.

How to Earn from the Protocol?

As a Lender

Lend your DUSD by locking your tokens
in the Bakery protocol. Receive interest
shown as APY (compounding interest)
just like you would on traditional investments.

As a Borrower

Borrow DUSD and pay the APR or
Annual Percentage Rate. Get an APY
generated by your collateral based
on a DUSD/DAl pool.

Governance token of Bakery Finance DAO.
Governed by the community. Fully decentralized.


Earn the rewards from liquidation and stablecoin fees. Get revenue through LP and DeFi passive income.



Create a proposal if you hold more than 1000 tokens. You get voting Power vote depending on the number of BAKER tokens you hold.

50% of the Products fees are distributed to token holders!

What Are We Cooking?

Bakery Finance is part of a growing ecosystem created to simplify financial
opportunities whether you're a person or a big institution.

Our goal is to integrate our solutions, the BAKER token and DUSD stablecoin inside
thousands of Apps and services.

Protocol beta launch
Mixing bowl : Single asset liquidity optimizer
DUSD governance
Borrowing mechanism upgrade

Our Team

Valentin Sarre

Tina Bielowski

Yano Sho
Solidity Developer

Rishabh Shukla
Solidity Developer

Pavel Mikheev
Frontend Developer

Sveta Tsoy
UX/UI Designer

Alexandre Segalini
Growth Marketer

Arthur Thiry
Head of Socials

Ava Bielowski
Community Lead

Join the Community

Learn more about Bakery Finance, chat with the team, expanse our community,
and let's shape together the future of decentralized finance.